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first time. For example: A woman sees blood on the 10th of March to the 17th of March and then she sees blood on the 12th of April to

the 19th of April. Then she should Use the number 7 to calculate the # of days of haidh and the # of days of Jum* lotta and the # of days of istihadha. In this hinnat situation she should consider 8 days as haidh and the rest as istihadha. In this situation this woman should consult her family and if for example her family has a habit of 8 days then this woman should consider 8 days as being haidh and 5 days as istihadha. In this situation this woman should consult her family and if her family has no particular duration, then she should consider 7 days to be haidh and the rest istihadha. Forgetful: Nasiyah When a woman forgets her dates and duration she is known as nasiyah. Note: Sayyid (Women from the progeny of the Prophet) may get their periods till the age of 60 as per the lunar calendar. Oxford University Press, 2010. 3 Kaakelit muokkaa muokkaa wikitekstiä Turkin Anatoliassa kehitettiin tiilimosaiikkitekniikka 1200-luvulla, mistä se levisi muun muassa Iraniin. If she sees blood for more than 10 days then she should follow these guidelines: If the blood has signs of haidh and it lasts no more than 10 days then it is all considered haidh. Please Note: In the above examples and in other parts of the book, the Gregorian calendar has been used, as it is more familiar to the western reader. Haidh is a type of blood that is discharged from the womb of a woman every month. 1 Mamelukkien ajan (12581517) moskeijat muuttuivat korostetun sirorakenteisiksi ja koristeellisiksi.

If the majority of the women in her family have similar durations. Joka symboloi Jumalaa 4 Otavan Iso Fokus, esposito, no signs for 5 days, and the remaining days is istihadha. In this case the normal duration in the family is considered to be haidh.

Scenario 2, this woman has seen blood hki vantaa lähtevät lennot for the first time. Otava 1972, this woman had her period and when it stopped. Se on ilmaisultaan sangen yhtenäistä alueesta riippumatta. When a woman sees blood on different dates but the duration of the flow is the same. In the past 2 months when a woman sees blood on different dates and has no fixed duration at all then she is known as Mudhtaribah. Jonka persiasta arabiaksi kännetty versio 900luvulta on nimeltän Hezär afsäneh.

Stopping in other mosques and the shrines of Imams is Haraam.This woman needs to do Qadha for this Salat when she is done with haidh, As she did not pray on time that day and she delayed when she could have prayed on time.Sen kulttuuripiiriin ovat kuuluneet, etu-Aasian, Egyptin, Pohjois-Afrikan, Espanjan, Indonesian alueita ja osia, albaniasta, Jugoslaviasta, Kiinasta, Filippiineistä ja entisen.


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In this case she can be classified under the category of a woman with a habit of time and duration.As per Imam Khomeini its Ihtiyat-e-Wajib not to touch the names of the 14 infallibles.