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notice in this article, do let me know so I can correct them, and if you enjoyed it (and youre maybe using HBO nordic and you agree with my

points please share it and even. Because I love what hbo nordic/account/manage-devices HBO produces and promotes, Id want to see them doing better than.7 stars. Netflix and chill is a thing! If you're using a VPN or web proxy, try disabling it so that your IP address is not blocked. Last Week Tonight, and not because of Game of Thrones. People love HBO, and people love their shows. Introduction, i just got my HBO Nordic subscription because. How about something on these lines: Note: works on desktop Series page When you click on any series you get this page I like it, perfect, just nice. Or, make it as a drop-down list of some sorts. Main screen, so, heres the main screen that youre greeted with. Next episode We just throw in the familiar next episode button. Note: This is not a accusation, I have no proof of foul play, I am saying it can be a possibility, especially when you consider hbo nordic/account/manage-devices that forced continuity is something that seems to have happened in Finland when HBO Nordic was launched there. If you have a Graph database, easily make better and faster suggestions to your users depending on their own social network/friends/city/country. Technological I have no knowledge on the back-end system used, so I have no clue what its made on, so my ideas or feedback would be pointless; I hope Node or Rails, but I know enterprise Java and ASP is more common in the Nordic. Most popular for me? I hope that HBO will continue improving to give us the excellent quality shows it has been making up until now. I will let some other people mention this: HBO you need to understand that people love binge-watching. And its in the companys interest to keep people engaged in their service. Watch-list HBO Nordic Watch-list That blue button means Add to watch-list, which is great! Js and you can create a beautiful custom player(if you want, and should just like TED is using. So, with this in mind, I want to present solutions for the issues they are facing and hopefully making them happen. I also have gotten permission from HBO Nordic to write and share in-app screenshots.

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You should know something is off. Since HBO needs to stream on a domke large range of devices and platforms Xbox. IOS kudos to the backend team who keeps everything running smoothly. If you still get a service area message.

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Neflix did it starting from 2013. Html5 Video astrologinen has a lot better browser support. What is my IP addressapos, besides the need to inform the user more.

Give us easy to access behind the scenes!Not the other way around.With a right team, you can easily use MediaElementJS or Video.


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Thought One grim possibility (which I truly hope its not the case) is that they are using dark patterns like road block, which is something terrible.Make your own rating system.Just like HBO Comedy, Latino, etc.