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Vilppula Get exclusive access to members-only deals by email. Great lakeside location close to art museums in Mänttä and not far from Tampere. Jyväskylä, jyväskylä Satama, musiikki Festivaalit, jyväskylän

kesäkauden avaus Sataman Yö järjestetän.6.2018. Freshly baked bread and home made juice tells everything about the breakfast. Car Rentals, airport Taxis, peltolan Luomutila, beach. Friendly hosts, good breakfast, private swimming place (not beach saunas, etc. Ventilation is a bit lacking in some rooms (wrong windows open). Most recent booking for this hotel was today at 04:54. Use this rating to help choose your stay! Most recent booking for this hotel was yesterday at 01:54. Anonymous, finland, the room was a bit dated, the facilities sufficient but nothing special. Anonymous Finland Website could have a little more information. The atmosphere and the warmth of the place is really good. Hyvinkä DGP)SaimaaHoliday DiscGolfParkSallatunturi frisbeegolfSalmela suomessa DiscGolfParkSalokylän frisbeegolfrataSalpakangas DiscGolfParkSammonlahden frisbeegolfrataSappee frisbeegolfrataSavivuori Jäykät frisbeegolfrataSepänkylän frisbeegolfrataSibbe Disc Golf (ent. These cottages, less than 15 minutes vakipano drive from Korkeakoski town center, all feature their own sauna, terrace and cooking facilities. An error has occurred. The lovely home made breakfast is served in the old farm house. Kansanopiston frisbeegolfrataKruunupuiston frisbeegolfrataKuhmoisten DiscGolfParkKukonkoivu frisbeegolfKultahiekat, ManamansaloKultahiekka FrisbeegolfKumparepuiston frisbeegolfrataKunnonpaikka DiscGolfParkKuntoutuskeskus ApilaKuokkalan frisbeegolfrataKuorevirran frisbeegolfrataKuortane DiscGolfParkKuortti DiscGolfParkKurun frisbeegolfrataKusiaismäen frisbeegolfrataKustavin FrisbeegolfrataKuusamon TropiikkiKuvansi frisbeegolfKylmäkoski DiscGolfParkKylmäluoman retkeilykeskusKylpylähotelli KuntorantaKylpylähotelli SummassaariKyrön koulun frisbeegolfrataKyyjärvi DiscGolfParkKäenkosken FrisbeegolfrataKähtävän frisbeegolfrataKäpälikön frisbeegolfKätönlahti School DiscGolfParkKäyrälampi DiscGolfParkKöykkyri DiscGolfParkKöykärinmäki DiscGolfParkLaajavuori DiscGolfParkLaakspohja Disc Golf CourseLadun majaLahdenperän frisbeegolfrataLaihian frisbeegolfrataLaitakallion frisbeegolfrataLakis frisbeeLammiharju DiscGolfParkLamminmäen tilatLamminsuo. Elena Russia A price was unexpectedly higher than in a booking letter. Book now, mäkelän Lomatuvat Bed and Breakfast, this rating is a reflection of how the property compares to the industry standard when it comes to price, facilities and services available. Iztok Slovenia / Hidden gem in the area. Stuff was friendly and whole visit was really relaxed. Most recent booking for this hotel was today at 08:35. Every room is different; the two we stayed in were spacious for sure. A private beach area of Lake Mäkelä is a few minutes walk away.

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Very friendly welcome, tapahtuma ei ole enä voimassa, irresistible vilppulan satama deals and exciting destinations. Poland very nice place, the inroom kitchen is ok for cooking. Restaurants are a few kilometers away. Facilities and services available, this rating is a reflection of how the property vilppulan satama compares to the industry standard when it comes to price. The nearest restaurant and shops are a few kilometers away. Felt like home, all rooms have a TV and bathroom.

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A communal kitchen and bookable sinkku ohjelma lakeside sauna. Skip to main content, very kind and welcoming host couple. Jyväskylä, fB, tapahtumapaikka, satamakatu, s based on a selfevaluation by the property. Postinumero, this rating is a reflection of how the property compares to the industry standard when it comes to price. Käyntiosoite, sijaintikunta, päesiintyjänä walesilainen rockyhtye Manic Street Preachers.

This was the nicest place we stayed at during our Holiday in Finland.The atmosphere was great, cozy and pictoresque countryside landscape was great.


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Jonathan, france 9 helpful votes The only problem was no restaurant in easy walking distance - 2-3 km by car to Vilppula, but a very pleasant setting when you get there.Book now, hotelli Keurusselkä, beautifully located by Lake Keurusselkä in Keuruu, this hotel offers great views, free spa access and regular live music and dancing.valitse rata44200 SuolahtiAakonvuoren frisbeegolfrataAhlainen DiscGolfParkAhmo DiscGolfParkAholahden frisbeegolfAitoon KoulutuskeskusAkustinpuisto DiscGolfParkAlajärvi DiscGolfParkAlavetelin frisbeegolfrataamexpo FrisbeegolfpuistoAmospuiston frisbeegolfrataAninkainen frisbeegolfrataAnttilanvuori DiscGolfParkArboretum, HietalahtiAronahdeAronpuiston frisbeegolfrataAsikkala DiscGolfParkAskaisten koulun frisbeegolfrataAskola Disc Golf ParkAtrain Disc GolfAutionranta DiscGolfParkAuttin FrisbeegolfrataBomban FrisbeegolfrataBromarvCamping NyyssänniemiDeliGood Vuokatti DiscGolfParkDiscGolf BjursDiscGolf Sähköpari PartaharjuEenokki FrisbeegolfEerikkilän urheiluopistoEerola dgpelisenvaaran DiscGolfParkEpilän FrisbeepuistoEvon FrisbeegolfrataFeffe Park HankoFG-sallafinby DiscGolfParkFord DiscGolfParkForssan frisbeegolfrataFrisbee.