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spaces. As tuberculosis is transmitted by bacteria, it was important that all the surfaces were easy to clean and the spaces could be easily aired. Artek.) On a recent

visit, I was struck by the incredible care that went into Aaltos fully articulated layout, which includes dramatic balconies (plenty of rest and sunshine was thought to be the best cure for tuberculosis during most of the early part of the. The patients rooms themselves received particular consideration. Tourist sormusten information serves in this building summertimes (June - August). There was no pharmacological treatment for tuberculosis, and the most important form of treatment was to improve the general condition of the patients. However, the sanatorium is still known for the rich color schemes of Aalto and Kauria. Alvar Aaltos functionalist design won. Left; the hospitals B-wing and dining room, center; the main entrance and lobby, right; the A-wing patient rooms. According to the functional principle, the entire building had to be one healing element. The construction of the hospital area began in 1930, and the complex comprising several buildings was finished three years later. In the cafeteria the ceiling rises almost up to six meters. Read more about the guided tours in the Sanatorium: and more about the Sanatorium). Given the sanatoriums history and its subsequent functions, lets hope that prospective buyers wish to preserve the iconic space. The path no longer exists. Large windows and balconies were optimized for sunning and taking in views of the surrounding pine forest, while even the interior paint scheme was deliberategray, yellow, and soft greens and blues were used throughout. This makes the general tone more peaceful from the perspective of a lying-down patient. If you want reserve guided tour please contact us: (Ms Karoliina Vitikainen or Paimio Tourist information. The patients rested lying down at the roof terrace several times a day even in the winter. The Paimio Sanatorium Situated in Paimio,. Click to see tinder some of my favorite photos from my visit to the Paimio Sanatorium. The mosaic concrete in the staircases located at the ends of the A-wing is one of the few original surfaces that still exist. They have been changed for wider models. Otto Korhonens furniture and construction work factory. The Paimio Hospital, the former Paimio Sanatorium, is one of the most renowned works of the legendary Finnish early modern architect and designer Alvar Aalto. Het, sanatorium van Paimio fins : Paimion parantola ) is een voormalig, tuberculose sanatorium. The original desk was lower and light could freely enter the lobby space. Even today, the yellow floor is a detail full of energy, which extends from the downstairs lobby up through the staircase and all the way to the top floor. Its a cathedral to health and an instrument for healing.

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Which was the winning entry for a ralli 1929 competition. Due to the junction of E18. Paimio lies conveniently within a short driving distance of Turku 30 km18 miles Helsinki 135 km84 miles and other large cities of Finland. Alvar Aalto wrote about the colors in the patient rooms. Finland, finse nominatielijst voor de werelderfgoedlijst van. It has operated as a rehabilitation center for children and is currently owned by Turku University Hospital. The upper floors of the sanatoriums patient wing are completely empty. It only takes about, the curved reception desk in the lobby is from 1958 5 hours to get here by car from Helsinki.

Paimio, sanatorium is a former tuberculosis sanatorium.Paimio, Southwest, finland, designed by Finnish architect Alvar.Aalto received the design.

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The plans clearly show especially the colors used in the ceilings of the patient rooms. Paimio 19291933, aalto thought the shade of yellow was a wrong choice. There are heating radiators in the lower part. Paimio Sanatorium, paimio Sanatorium Conservation Management sonera netti ruotsissa Plan 2016. Alvar Aalto Foundation, archinect, alvar Aalto, alvar Aaltos Paimio Sanatorium. Marianna Heikinheimo, architechture and Technology, a former tuberculosis sanatorium designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

Eino Kaurias color plan clearly shows the shades used in the A-wing (at the bottom) patient room ceilings.The original material was yellow rubber, which is only left in the cleaning cabinet on the fourth floor.The relaxation room was separated from the dining room by sliding doors.


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30 kilometers from Turku Designed by architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) Completed in 1933 Aino Aalto (1894-1949) took part in the designing process Was a tuberculosis sanatorium until the 1960s Visiting the Paimio Sanatorium Guided tours inside the Paimio Sanatorium are arranged by Karoliina Vitikainen from Magni Mundi.They were since changed into office rooms.