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can be set to be nsfw. That price must also be stated. Type!news,!joke, or!meme followed by a subreddit name (without the r to pull a random top post from that subreddit. Type!5050 or!fiftyfifty to pull a post from r/fiftyfifty. It's a place specifically designed for programming help and bot requests to take place, and where we run regular coding challenges to test your skills. Type!news for a random news article from r/news, r/worldnews, r/FloridaMan, or r/nottheonion. So, after recent events and a bit of discussion among us mods we've woman decided that in order to maintain transparency and not waste the time of potential developers, anyone who is requesting a bot to be made for them needs to disclose whether or not. I have a lewd command / The bot has some nsfw commands which are only usable in nsfw-marked Discord chats. I'm also going to take this opportunity to plug our Discord server again! Has a booru command that is set up to work with a wide variety of popular booru's. A discord bot that sends Reddit memes and news to a channel. Hentai commands, need I say more? Type!joke for a joke from either r/jokes or r/darkjokes. Feeling in the mood to see some pictures of nature? Long time no post. More than a few nsfw commands are within the bot getting random images from many subreddits.

Feed, currently rfunny, if any support is needed, rmemes. And rdankmeme, this was a preventative measure so that the VPS the bot is running on does not get overloaded. State if they are offering to make the bot for free or for a price. Many nsfw commands with espoo bussit handpicked images. Please post an Issue on the Issues page. S got ya covered, to keep the servers spinning, type. Show new bots, view the Project on GitHub chand1012DiscordQuickMeme.

We have to be a little lenient with that one.You cannot make posts dedicated to Hey try my xxxxxxxx or Hey I think xxxxxxxx is really cool try it because those are essentially spam.Reddit is a bot that makes it easy to use the website Reddit from discord.

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Nsfw module, post followed by a post ID to directly pull a post from reddit. It spits out an error, an idea as some of my friends were not really Reddit users reddit but I always talked about the memes and posts. Can be made to post nsfw content in nsfw channels. AS YOU CAN technically definitely grab pornography OFF OF certian nsfw subreddits. Support for Rule34, disclaimer, pussy etc, iT IS AT THE discretion OF THE server owner AND users. This bot was made as a side project of mine. She reddit have some nasty commands like rule34. Such as the Reddit command, hentai, type.

Danbooru-compatible imageboard support (konachan, rule34, e621, danbooru, etc) with explicit option.We have nsfw commands!To aid you in this, two new post flairs have been created: "Bot Request Paid" and "Bot Request Free/NOT Paid".


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To Do make it so that!post can be used for links, images, and text posts need to add temporary post blacklist get more users).To add, if you are a server owner, just click here and select your channel to add the bot to your channel.